Colin Hemphill Microphone

Colin Hemphill

Web Developer & Noise Maker

A Full-Time Nerd Located in Austin, TX

Professional Web Application Developer

Scalable Back-End Architectures

With expertise in Node.js and NoSQL databases in MongoDB, I can quickly create server-side architectures that are scalable, stable, and powerful.

Beautiful Front-End Experiences

I work with both one-page applications using AngularJS and multi-page websites. My work is mobile-friendly through modern responsive frameworks, and offers user-friendly experiences through an eye for design and extensive experience in interface implementation.


Musician & Audio Engineer

I also have a degree in Audio Engineering technology from Belmont University, and enjoy music and audio related projects as a hobby.

Writing & Production

I write and produce music for the band dot.darkness along with my bandmate Josh. We mostly do modern and retro electronic styles fused with alt metal.

Recording & Mixing

I've worked in top recording studios in Nashville, and have a long history of recording and mixing in high-profile spaces, churches, and at home.


Whether on guitar, keyboards, drums, or a laptop, I perform regularly at church and in bands I'm involved in. Additionally, I'm fluent in mixing live music performance for FOH and broadcast.

Serious FGC Fraud

Despite my badness, I enjoy playing competitive fighting games, and I'm an active part of the Fighting Game Community (FGC). If only there was more time, I would probably not be terrible.

Skullgirls 2nd Encore

On PS4 and Steam

I primarily plays Skullgirls and hope to grow the Austin scene. I've attended major and local tournaments (with little success).

Wells Branch Salt

Weekly Casual Game Night

A casual game night hosted every Saturday at my house. Fighting games, party games, and indie games streamed live to Twitch.


My Primary Passion

As a professed Christian, I believe that following after Jesus is the single most important pursuit one can live for. It is my goal to see the city of Austin transformed by the life-changing reality of Jesus Christ.

Since I moved back to Austin, I've been an active member at Wells Branch Community Church where I serve on worship and tech teams, and participate in several ministries that happen throughout the week. If you're in North Austin, come by and visit! I firmly believe that we have the best community of young adults you'll find. It's a diverse and passionate group who seeks to grow together and reach out to our community with tender boldness, loving people the way Jesus does.

    Get In Touch

    I'll do my best to respond to any questions or comments. Email and Twitter are the best ways to get my attention!

    Tweet at me: @hemphillcc

    E: [email protected]