Competitive Gaming

Evo 2016 Finals

Serious FGC Fraud

Competitive fighting games make up one of my primary hobbies. I'm seriously bad at them, but love to host casuals and travel to tournaments.

My main games are Skullgirls, Street Fighter V, Pokkén Tournament, and UNIEL.

Colin with Daigo Umehara

Evo 2016

LAs Vegas, Nevada

I went to the Evolution Series in 2016 (that year, the lanyard read "Chamionship Series", which is still hilarious). My brother Kyle went too - it was sort of a graduation trip for him before heading off to college.

We both entered Street Fighter V and Pokkén Tournament, and Kyle also entered Killer Instinct. We almost made it out of Pokkén pools, and got bodied in the other games.

Combo Breaker Fightstick

Combo Breaker 2016

Chicago, Illinois

I had the opportunity to go to the single largest Skullgirls gathering ever. I won a couple rounds, did lots of casuals, and met the best players in the world. Somehow I ended up playing UNIEL on stream and won one!

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Wells Branch Salt

I host a weekly game night, featuring fighting games, party games, indie games, and more. We relax, hang out with friends, and meet other casual and competitive players in North Austin.


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