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dot.darkness is pronounced dot-dot-darkness. The duo builds on an electronic canvas with sexy live vocals and electric guitars. Formed in Nashville, TN in 2011, these Computer Scientists took Josh's background as an electronic producer and Colin's former life as a rock star and put together something that sounded kind like both of those things, and a little like neither of them. Drawing on influences from classic video games, 80's style electronica, alternative rock, and post-rock, dot.darkness has developed a style that is passionate, nerdy, and fun.

In 2011, shortly after the release of Portal 2, dot.darkness performed a cover of "The Future Soon" by Jonathan Coulton. JoCo was gracious enough to tweet our cover to his Internet fandom. In February of 2013, we did a cover of Feed Me's new track "Death By Robot", which receieved a similar post from Mr. Jon Gooch himself. After playing the cover song game for some time, dot.darkness released the original EP: Damage Over Time in Feb 2014, and the second EP: Darkvision in December 2014.


Wildshire is Alex Bretoi (guitar), Colin Hemphill (guitar), Sean Keith (bass), and Blake Printy (drums). They write instrumental post-rock music with beautiful guitars that texturize a powerful and introspective atmosphere.

Wildshire started while all its members were in college, and they performed all over Austin during summer and winter breaks, including such prestigious venues as Emo's, Mohawks, Lambert's, and The North Door.

Audio Engineering

Multitrack mixing, FOH, and broadcast audio

I have been audio engineering for about eleven years now. Much of my work has been volunteer live and broadcast audio for churches. Additionally, I engineer and mix most dot.darkness releases.

I received a B.S. in Audio Engineering Technology from Belmont University. During my time at Belmont, I had the pleasure of working in historic and modern studios across Nashville, including RCA Studio B and Ocean Way Nashville. Coursework in my program included classes with former president of the Audio Engineering Society, Jim Kaiser, as well as renowned mix engineer Joe Baldridge.

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I'll do my best to respond to any questions or comments. Email and Twitter are the best ways to get my attention!

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